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Full Race Unit System

We are proud to offer a racing solution which delivers the capabilities of a professional racing electronics to your motorcycle no matter if it's racing build a track-day use or an everyday ride!

A Launch Control, Quickshfiter and Pit lane speed limiter - all in one of a kind race system!

With a great passion for motorcycles and racing in our mind we have developed the Full Race Unit system to advantage every person who loves racing and would like to get the most of it in the simplest possible way! In most cases if you're here reading this you're not a big bucks sponsored professional racer (if you are we get a compliments for it) but if you're not, that does not mean you have less passion for motorcycles or racing, it means you are to the right place!
  • The Launch Control feature, only available to high end super-bike models!
  • The Full Race Unit Quickshifter feature is a highly sophisticated which enables full throttle, part throttle, mid corner, wherever you want a smooth and fast gear shifts without the use of a clutch or backing off the throttle - this is the best quickshifter we make!
  • The Full Race Unit pit limiter feature will restrict the motorcycle speed to a user preset value by a simple press of a button, particularly suitable for use in endurance racing, track-days, or even city mode for speeding cameras!
The Full Race System consist of: Full Race control box( Launch control, Quickshifter, Pit lane speed limiter - all in one), shift sensor, shift rod with the required length and fittings, handlebar switch for activating the pit limiter mode.

The Full Race control box connects directly to the engine ignition coils which is the most precise and harmless way to control a high performance engine! The shift sensor with the provided rod and fittings replaces the original linkage between the shift lever and the gearbox pivot, the signal connectors connects to the vehicle wiring harness, the handlebar button is for activating the pit limiter mode and you are ready to race like never before!

The Full Race Unit Launch control - delivers constant power output from the engine when launching the machine from the starting grid or in a drag race, which improves significantly the reaction time, it eases the rider to feed the clutch faster and more precise, protects the clutch plates from excessive spin prolonging the life of the entire clutch!

The Full Race Unit Quickshfiter - is highly sophisticated! It will compensate form the internal interrupt mapping for individual gears, engine load and vehicle speed providing ultrafast and smooth shifts everywhere! Another advantage is that each Full Race Unit system is make and model specific which means that the internal memory mapping is specially developed to the particular gearbox gear ratios and reaction times!

The Full Race Unit Pit Limiter mode - through the years of experience and constant improvements we have manage to develop an interrupt mapping which is smooth and will not trigger any fault codes or warning errors - just delivering a great feature to your machine!
Every single component we use to build the Full Race Unit complete system is carefully chosen to meet or exceed the OEM standards and specifications! For example we use FLR-Y automotive class wiring harness, TYCO and Furukawa double sealed connectors, hyper flex wiring for the sensor cable and high grade aero-space aluminum (7076-T6) for machining the rod and sensor components, we make no compromises here!
If the Full Race Unit system is available to your make and model of motorcycle, it means it is fully compatible and 100% tested! The Full Race Unit system is complete stand alone and will function with or without any other aftermarket engine management system like Dynojets Powercommander, racing ECUs, reflashed ECU,..etc.
The Full Race Unit system is a truly bolt on, plug and play solution - nothing less! When ordering from us you will be guided through a couple of steps to input your motorcycle details, this way we ensure that the system you will receive is customized by our professional team to your particular requirements and will fit like a glove with no hassle or searching for additional components! You can place an order using the online Shop link
The good thing with the Full Race Unit system is that you can adjust everything you want: (Launch control RPM limit, Pit lane limit, Quickshifter "kill time") as many times you want to suit your needs. The great thing is that you don't need expensive equipment, complex programs, dyno runs or anything else but desire to do so!
Yes, it will! Who doesn't like to see a nice bluish flame with a big pop from his aftermarket exhaust!