Quickshifter MAGNUM

What is it?
Quickshifter MAGNUM is stand alone complete quickshifter system. This is the only quickshifter system on the market which has the ability to control the ignition timing which results in fastest and in the same time seamless shifts possible! This is by far the best quickshifter you will ever use...
Kit content and How it works?
Quickshifter MAGNUM is stand alone quickshifter system and it consist of 4 main components:
MAGNUM control box,  Dual Motion shift sensor, handlebar button and a tie rod.
  The control box connects directly to the engine ignition coils which is the most precise and harmless way to control high performance engine and is capable of controlling each cylinder individually as well as the ignition timing enabling unique MAGNUM shift feature controlled by the user via handlebar button.
The shift sensor we provide is Dual Motion type capable of operating in both direction PUSH and PULL for normal and reverse GP shift configurations. With the provided rod and fittings it replaces the original linkage between the shift lever and the gearbox pivot and you're ready to go for a ride like never before!
Is it compatible with my motorcycle?
If the Quickshifter MAGNUM is available to your make and model of motorcycle, it means it is fully compatible and 100% tested! The system will function with or without another aftermarket engine managements system like "Dynojets Powercommanders", racing ECUs, re-flashed ECU,..etc
MAGNUM levels G2 and G3 are recommended for use with aftermarket exhaust systems.
Is it plug and play or do I need anything else to make it work properly?
Quickshifter MAGNUM is a truly bolt on plug and play solution - nothing less! When ordering from us you will be guided through a couple of steps to input your motorcycle details, this way we ensure that the system you will receive is customized by our professional team to your particular requirements and will fit straight from the box without hassle or searching for additional components.
Can I adjust it?
In most cases, more than 90% you don't need to adjust anything, we will send your system fully adjusted with best overall settings to your particular make and model. If for any reason you need to adjust the engine interrupt time also known as the "engine kill time", the RPM threshold (this is where the quickshifer becomes active), shift sensor motion PUSH PULL or the MAGNUM levels we've made that more than simple without the need of expensive equipment, complex programs, dyno runs or anything else but wish to do so!
Will it pop and spit flames when at use?
With the MAGNUM features enabled it will pop and spit flame on every shift and we have created user adjustable MAGNUM levels to suit your preferences. We guarantee: Quickshifter MAGNUM is pleasure to use in every aspect!
What is the difference between MAGNUM and SYNCROtech?
MAGNUM system with magnum feature not enabled functions just like the SYNCROtech system.
SYNCROtech Quickshifter can control individual cylinders but it is On/Off switch to any particular cylinder where the Quickshifter MAGNUM can control individual cylinders ignition timing which provides control over the torque output to this particular cylinder in a percentage value! There is really only one way to feel the difference and this is by pressing the handlebar switch for activating the MAGNUM feature...
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